John Thomas Crowley

For sometime now, I had contemplated a change in life's direction;you only have one shot at life,and what you make of that is entirely down to your own volition.Having worked in the financial sector for more years than I care to count, the opportunity to write my short stories presented itself early this summer. With support from family and friends here I am embarking on a new writing career.To get a book published or simply getting a story out in to the public domain has long been an ambition or aspiration of mine, however you want to put it.The question for me was, what to write that might be of an interest to a general reader?What age range? What genre? Who would want to read what I had to say?

I decided to write short children stories, age range 9-12, but as I emphasise to many of my friends anybody can read them. My stories are fictional thrillers, and as I state in the books with a smattering of facts to give the background, a touch of reality; so that the reader knows where the characters originate from.

One of the problems a new author faces is getting a Literary Agent, a person or company that is prepared to believe in your work, taking you under their wings so to speak, with the ultimate aim of placing your novel with one of the big publishing houses. So, my decision to self publish the short children stories was to build up a portfolio over the next twelve months that would enable me to put a concrete foundation down which would appeal to an agent. My ultimate aim is to get my big stories out to the global market, and as some of my characters say,'To straddle the world stage.'

So here goes.